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Match report 25 Nov
10am KO Home
New Haven vs Meads
Erin, Emma, Chloe, Katie, Tori, Vicky, Daisy, Bella and Camilla (CPT).

Lost against Newhaven before and would be difficult match.
First goal 10.03 for Newhaven
Good attempt by Meads but just saved by keep.
Second goal 10.08 by their nr 10 (2-0), which was a bit of a cheeky one, chipped over our keep.
Just a minute later, Chloe scored 2-1 (10.09) minutes with a great assist from Emma.
Loads of attempts also from Emma, Vicky and Daisy.
2-2 (10.29) by Chloe again.
Just before HT, an excellent run up by Bella all the way from the back but just misses the goal at the final kick.

HT (2-2)

Second half starts with an energy boost from the opposition and 11 minutes into the second half, New Haven scores 3-2. The team persisted and continued to defend hard. Some excellent dribbles by Katie on the sideline, and a resulting goal which ping ponged between the posts, making the score even again at 3-3 (57th minute).
The game continues at high speed and with lots of oooh, and aaahs from the parents on the sideline. Either team had quite a lot of chances but the defence on both sides saved any more goals.

The score remained 3-3 until the whistle blew.

FT (3-3)

Tori was POM as she saved the day with lots of excellent clearances!

By Camilla 


In the first half against Oakwood Emma was fierce and Erin was good at pressing. Great defending from Daisy. The Oakwood corner was well defended and the whole team did well in pressing. Emma has a good try at scoring. Soon after Emma tried again. It was Oakwoods corner again but it was well defended by Meads. Another corner was then defended. Erin tried to score then Annie tried and Emma ended up scoring in the second half to make the final score 1:0 to Meads. Camilla got player of the match for good defending


By Vicky


 Worthing Away  4th Nov

We started this match with a new formation, with 4 at the back.

Early on Belle made a superb box to box run with the ball.  Annie also had a great early effort with her free kick just going over.

Annie then got a goal, scoring from Emma’s corner.

Shortly after I got a goal with a dribble and shot.

We were 2-0 up, however the match was really close.

Emma and Chloe did some great one two's.  Orla had a shot that was just wide. And was strong in the middle.

We then Conceeded from their superb corner the score was now 1-2.

Chloe than had a great individual run and scored.  At half time we were winning 1-3.

We walked Into the second half ready to go . We got more crosses on the left. Vicky did really well when she went up front. Orla had a lots of shots and Erin was solid defensively.  Chloe got another goal with a strong shot. Tori, Bella, Annie and Belle did well clearing up at the back. Our defence carried on strong and didn't conceed  anymore more goal.

Final score 1-4.

POM went to Vicky for great passing and determination, she will be captain in next week's match.

Report by Katie 

On Sunday 28th October, the Meads girls played the strong, competitive team- Horsham Sparrows. It was a great game and fun for the girls to play. The captain for meads was Emma and the player of the match went to Katie for her skillful dribbling and amazing crosses.

 The first half was difficult but the girls did their best and played an excellent game. Katie did a great run but unfortunately got completely wiped out by a strong tackle. Despite this, she still played on. Later, Horsham caught us out and scored- just beating the offside. Even though they were 1-0 down meads worked really hard and Katie managed to assist the ball to Chloe and she scored to equalize! However due to some unfortunate mistakes, Horsham got another goal. At halftime, Meads were 2-1 down.


  In the second half, Horsham seemed happy to defend their lead. Then, Emma scored a wonder goal- lobbing their keeper from 35 yards out! Vicky and Katie had some great runs and Erin and Orla stayed strong in defence. Annie very nearly scored from a corner and Belle, Daisy and Tori stayed solid at the back. At the end of the game, the final score was 2-2 and I hope Meads do just as well in their next game.

(Match report written by Emma)


Match Report 21/10 Away to  Hollingbury Hawks

This match was in Brighton and was very hot.

Katie got a goal in the first half. It was very close.

In the 2nd half Chloe got two goals. Then Emma got a great long range goal. Camilla did really well for her first match.

Annie and Belle were strong. With Vicky, Tori and Me all doing well

Final score 4-0

POM voted as Emma.

Report by Daisy 


 Sunday 7th October Meads v Forest Row  (Friendly)

This was a good match against a nice team that were a lot bigger than us.

After about 10 minutes Bella passed to Chloe who passed to Orla, who scored.  Shortly after Emma passed to Orla, who scored again, with another great shot.

Towards the end of the half, I did some skills on the left and crossed to Daisy, who flicked on to Chloe, who scored.

In the second half, Emma showed superb skill and scored early on.  I also scored just after this, with a simular goal.

Vicky, Daisy and Bella got a lot of the ball in the second half, all playing very well. Our GK did extremely well, especially playing out.

In the last minutes of the game, Erin burst forward, dribbling through players on the left, opened up and scored a great goal.

Thank you Forest Row, you showed great sportswomanship.

POM went to Daisy, well done Meads

Get well soon: Annie , Camilla & Belle

Report by Katie

 Away Southdown 30/9:

Luckily, this week we had amazing weather- not too cold and wet and not too hot. We were playing a very hard team (Southdown). Starting us of, Katie had a good cross but unfortunately the goalkeeper saved it. Again Katie did an amazing through ball to Chloe who then went on 1 on 1 with the keeper however the shot went far over. Emma also did an incredible run and then crossed it and it went in off the GK, goal. Now we were 1-0 up. Our defenders (Daisy, Belle, Bella, Annie and Erin) were very strong and kept stopping Southdown’s long kicks so they didn’t get to their striker. Katie, Emma and Vicky, kept getting the ball out wide and doing great crosses into the box. Orla also did well holding up the play in the middle. Annie won the ball at the halfway line and sprinted down the line to cross it in. Our GK did an incredible save when the other team was 1 on 1 with her. She was was doing well at clearing the ball from our box. Belle was also doing well in defence- letting nobody turn past her. Chloe won the ball in the middle and switched the ball. Amazingly, again, our GK went out to clear the ball when the other team was close to scoring. Now it was the 2nd half. Straight when the whistle blew No 7, from Southdown, won the ball and drove through the middle to then score making it 1-1. Orla won the ball and passed to Emma who made a dangerous cross. Daisy passed the ball to Belle who set Chloe up 1 on 1 with the keeper. Emma crossed the ball to Chloe, Chloe made a shot and it hit the post. It then came back off the post and Katie smashed the rebound in. Powerfully hitting the back of the net. 2-1 we were winning! Emma had another shot after that but it was saved. The final whistle had blown and we had won 2-1. Great performance to everybody, Daisy was strong in defence and Orla was very good at her skills again. Our GK was acting very confident in goal making superb saves. But overall everyone thought Katie deserved player of the match- she had put a lot of effort into it and had a lot of determination. Meads keeps on getting stronger!

By Chloe

Meads Vs Crawley United



At the beginning we were doing extremely well and taking many shots but Crawley kept on going and scored 8 minutes into the game. Many minutes past and the rain kept on falling, the shots kept coming but we still could not score!

Emma and Erin were unstoppable and kept on going adding more and more shots on goal but with the Crawley keeper on fire none of them went in. Twelve minutes into the game Orla dribbled through the middle and scored and then three minutes later a great shot from Katie puts us in the lead! But after a free kick 2 meters away from the goal line they score and get the equalizer 2 all at the end of the first half!

At the start of the next half we were straight on the ball Katie running down the left side crossing it in and Chloe scores. Meads gets a loads of corners and chances. Lots of success on left. Chloe hit the cross bar. But we concede a goal making it 3-3. a few minutes later Katie does an amazing corner and Annie headers it in making it 4-3 ( our FIRST ever headed GOAL) With it all still to play for a few minutes later Chloe sprints to the box with the ball and scores… Chloe won a well-deserved player of the match it was her best game of the season so far.

We won 5-3!

Report by Belle 


Meads   v  Oakwood 16/9/18

On Sunday, we travelled to Crawley to play the very familiar faces of Oakwood. Oakwood lost the cup to us so we knew it was going to be a hard game. We started of the match very strongly with Emma running fearlessly against a bigger opposition and she did some great crosses. Eight minutes into the first half, I dribble down the right and score a long shoot goal leading us one nil. Daisy and Katie were attacking positively and our GK was doing some great saves. Chloe and Orla had lots of shots and were using their skills extremely well. At the end of the first half the score was 1-0 to the Meads.  

In the second half, we started of decently with Belle showing of her skills; driving towards the goal and having a shot. Then, unfortunately, 10 minutes into the second half after a period of sustained pressure we conceded a goal leaving the score 1-1. At this point we started working harder. 63 minutes into the game, Katie dribbles down the left and beats 3 players and scores making the score 2-1 to us. Oakwood really started to pressure us so we focused more on defending our goal.

We worked hard and at the end of the game it paid off as the score was 2-1 to the Meads. There was a great performance from everyone especially Belle who received player of the match for outstanding play. Well done!

Reported by Erin :)

Meads v Newhaven 9/9/18

 On Sunday, we kicked off the season playing a team we were familiar with, Newhaven. 

We started off strong, Orla made a through ball into Chloe who got to it and shoots but unfortunately, the goalkeeper saves it. A few minutes pass when we attack again; Erin made a run up the pitch and has a shot which is just wide. Soon after this, Emma makes a great cross into the box which Chloe gets to and has a shot which the keeper gets to. Sadly though, Newhaven get a corner and score from the run of the play. Near the end of the 1st half, Belle wins the ball and passes it onto Chloe who dribbles with the ball and has a shot but narrowly misses.
The second half started with a good save by our GK from a Newhaven shot. Newhaven gets a free kick close to the goal but our wall managed to get the ball out of our box. Towards the end of the game, Katie has a great long-range shot that was just shy of the top corner. We all fought hard that game and was very close, well played. 
Match report by Annie



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